Wedding Photography

What makes Tascon Photography unique?

At Tascon Photography we love each and every aspect about Weddings from the planning of your unique day to handing over  all your photos! Photographing your day is not just a job for us. We know that your Wedding day is the culmination of many hours, months, sometimes even years of meticulous planning and it deserves someone who values your efforts to capture every tiny detail. We encourage all our couples to send us copies of other moments you have seen and love and are more than happy to incorporate them into your day. We strongly feel that your day and moments should be the ones you want and not just what we think is great, but we are just as comfortable taking your day and capturing the uniqueness that is your day.

How are we able assist you?

The first vendors most couples book are their Venue, Celebrant and Photographer. Since we are often one of your first vendors we gift all our Brides with a beautiful Wedding Planner to help plan and track your day, filled with tips and tricks to make sure you don’t forget a thing. When we have our first meeting we help you work out the timeline of your day, taking into consideration how large your bridal party and family photo list may be and ensuring we have time to capture the moments important to you. We have many amazing vendors that we have worked closely with and would eagerly refer you too.  

Why do our packages not have a set time?

All our packages work on how your day is planned as opposed to a set time schedule except from our intimate’s package. Our packages end at 9 pm however we are able to stay for other important moments of your reception you may wish for an extra fee per hour.

Do I get a copy of all my photos?

In short – YES! Your day is crammed full of special moments and every memory is one you will never get again. We don’t feel you should have to pick and choose what moments you would like to treasure so yes you will receive a digital copy in high definition of every moment we capture. Each image is individually edited and checked before being handed over for you to enjoy. You are warmly welcomed to print your most favourite moments and enjoy them.

Why do most of your packages include prints and not just the digital images?

Far too many of our clients have told us they intended to have canvas’s, acrylics and albums printed and have found it more difficult or confusing to do than they realised, or that the quality of their products are not as amazing as they had hoped. We use a range of professional printing services and through the time we have been in business, chosen companies we know can present high quality work that we are proud to deliver to our clients. If your package only includes the digital copies, you will receive a print credit towards our Designer Crystal Album. We are also able to offer you canvases, acrylics and albums at any stage after your big day so get in touch and lets put your moments up and displayed!

Why is Wedding Photography so expensive?

Wedding Photography is not a need – it is a luxury. You don’t need to have a photographer to get married, however it is also one of the most important parts of your day that is valued long after your day is over. That is why finding a good one is important. Your photos are your way to look back on your day with fondness and as time goes by the value of your photos only increases.

Our prices reflect our professionalism, our experience, the high quality equipment we own, use and upkeep as well as keeping up all insurances, licences and registrations to protect you, our client and have been based on working out what is the absolute best we can offer our couples so they gain the most they can from us, their photographers.