Glamour Photography

Why do we offer Glamour Photography?

What little girl didn’t love dressing up? We have a beautiful range of outfits, jewellery and props to remind us of that little girl and relive those exciting moments again! Glamour Photography is all about making you realise how truly beautiful and glamorous you are. Inside every one of us is a little voice that raises doubts about every single thing about ourselves. Some times we are so used to hearing it we are not listening anymore. Glamour Photography is a way to re-write those voices, change them from “I need to … to be lovely” to “I am beautiful – I am worthy – I am loved – because I love myself” There are so many moments in time that we may just need an escape, a chance to adjust our thinking and Glamour Photography is a fun, safe and beautiful way to do that. Bring a friend and make it a day of excitement and laughter. We can’t wait to see you here.

What will happen at my Glamour Session?

You should allow up to 3 hours for your session. We begin with a personal consultation with our professional makeup artist and hairstylist to determine your best look for your portraits, who then work their magic in making you look and feel your best. When you’re comfortable and totally ready, our Professional Photographer will take a variety of shots using different backdrops and positions. We allow 2 hair and makeup changes and 2 outfit changes which will give you a decent selection of images. It is out professional opinion that all of our clients should have a night out after your session and be treated to dinner and dancing!   😉 

Is Glamour photography only for women?

Absolutely not! We love to photograph high school seniors, children and families. 

Can I get black and white portraits?

Yes! We offer you a black and white version of each of your portraits.

What happens after my session to my images?

Your images are individually looked over and the ones selected are the ones that truly bring out your bthat edited so that each photo is ready for your viewing and enjoyment. All your images are backed up twice and safely stored* We shall arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come back to our studio and look over all of your images. We will have some printed up and beautifully mounted as well as all your digital images to go through. You select your favourite images and they are then designed in our Glamour Album and emailed for you to review. You are able to make 2 adjustments then it is forwarded to our printing company, the shipped to us for a final inspection. Once we are completely satisfied that your album is the album is in perfect condition we will arrange to meet up and deliver your album to enjoy. 

What other options are available to my portraits?

Tascon Photography are able to offer many retouching services to your portraits, but the images you are presented with will be edited only in a minimalist way. We want you to see how beautiful you are just on your own, without the need for heavy editing. Any additional retouching can be requested on your portraits for an additional fee, which can soften facial lines, brighten eyes and teeth and remove minor blemishes. 

How long until I can see my photos?

You photos are ready for viewing immediately following your session! Yes, you read that correctly, you view and order your portraits on the day of your session. . Portraits requiring further enhancement and adjustments can take up to a week to finish as fine editing of your images is done meticulously to create a finished portrait you will love.



*Disclaimer – All images stored have been safely put away for future retrieval if necessary. For a small fee images can be taken out of archived and re-issued. All safety precautions are taken, however Tascon Photography are not liable for natural disasters, fire, theft or other circumstances outside of our control.