Engagement Sessions

What is the point of an Engagement session?

Firstly, they are fun! It is also a great way to get to know your photographer as we are with you more than any other vendor on your big day, so when the nerves kick in, you can relax knowing someone you have gotten to know, who knows your plans for your day, will be there to focus on you and what your both want. It is also a great way to capture some ideas of how you work together, and you can use the photos as table decorations or even have one blown up big for all your guests to sign. You have lots of options on how you can use the photos you have taken.

How can it help in choosing your Wedding Photographer?

If you are still considering who to go with and struggling between a couple of photographers, an engagement session can make the difference. Check out their different styles and approaches and see the difference in their work. Most photographers offer a free engagement session with many of their wedding packages. At Tascon Photography we will ask for a fee for the session. If you then choose to go with us for your Wedding, will be more than happy to credit the fee towards any Wedding Package that offers a free Engagement Session.

Where to have the session?

You can have the session where it suits best. Some couples like to find a nice park or even beach and have a bit of fun with their engagement session and then have some of their favourite photos, framed and set up on their wedding tables for decoration or even have one enlarged and have their guests sign. Other couples like to head to their venue and have a walk around where they will be having their Wedding. The session can give you a great idea on the layout for your day, make you feel more confident in the process and hopefully be a bit of fun in the lead up!

When do you book?

The session can be booked for whenever it suits you. Some like to have it done as soon as they are engaged and when they are making plans to book their vendors. Others like to have it a few months prior to the Wedding so they have recent photos to use at the Wedding. The date can be whenever it suits you and the photographer best. 

Who is included in the session?

This can vary with different photographers. At Tascon Photography, we are more than happy for your Engagement Session to include your children as well, again, it is totally up to you. 

Can the session fee be credited if I book Tascon Photography for my wedding?

At Tascon Photography we will charge what is our current session rate for our usual sessions. If you choose us for your Wedding, that fee will be deducted from your Wedding Package if the session includes a free Engagement Session. 

What photos will I receive?

All Photographers offer different services. At Tascon Photography, you will receive a disk of all your images fully edited, in high definition, watermark free with a print release. You have full permission to use the photos as you wish, print, share and enjoy them with family and friends.

What else can you offer with our photos?

All Photographers offer different services. At Tascon Photography we are a full service photographer. We can supply prints, canvases, acrylics and even an album of your photos. Please ask for further services and prices.